How Fit Is Your Brain?
Just like your body, your mind needs regular workouts to operate at its peak. Our cutting edge, scientifically-backed programs can boost and protect your brain no matter your age.

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Brain Fitness 101

These five elements that may boost your brain aren't a secret. Our individual coaching and group workshops bring these elements to life in a way that will best help you achieve your goals.


Physical exercise keeps your body fit, and your mind, too! A small amount may boost your brain.


The mental challeng of brain games are great, but be sure to look for ones that will specifically target your challenge and goal areas.


Stress can have serious negative effects on brain health. Seek out your inner zen with techniques to reduce stress. Mindfulness training is a great and easy way to start.


Engaging with other people gives your brain a chance to react to new situations and topics. Get out there and engage with friends and family.


You are what you eat. Start by taking small steps to a healthier diet. The diet that may best help you achieve your goals will depend on your unique situation.

Why Coaching?

Much like a physical fitness, a personal brain fitness coach helps translate and optimize scientific research into an actionable plan.

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The ideal brain fitness plans incorporate all five of these elements. We only recommend elements that have been associated with cognitive improvement in the scientific literature.

Brain Fitness Coaching

Do you want to take control of your brain health? Or do you have a specific brain-related goal?

We can help!

Brain Evolved has three coaching plans ranging from a basic assessment to an 8-week program with weekly check-ins and guidance every step of the way.

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Coaching Approach

Brain Evolved’s individual coaching helps adults of all ages understand their current cognitive health and target improvement in an 8-week program customized to their personal goals and lifecycle. Each coaching cycle starts with an assessment to quantify your current brain fitness in several areas, which we can then use to design the best plan for you.

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Seminars & Workshops

Upcoming Events

Monday, April 10 (2:00PM)
Keep Your Brain Fit & Combat Aging

For Arbor Terrace Herndon

Wednesday, April 12
Brain Building: Happy, Healthy, Evolved

For The Rotary Club of Reston

Together with Pat Williams from GraceFul Care, Dr. Ellen Clarke will introduce the concept behind brain fitness and share some techniques everyone can use to see cognitive improvement.

Monday, May 5
Brain Building: Keep Your Brain Fit & Combat Aging

For The Loudoun Senior Center

Wednesday, September 6 (9:00AM)
Brain Building: Keep Your Brain Fit & Combat Aging

For The Loudoun Senior Interest Network (LSIN)

Check back soon — more seminars and workshops are added regularly!

Looking for a Speaker?

Brain Evolved’s group workshops and seminarss focus on brain fitness techniques and activities that have been shown to improve cognitive function in the scientific literature. Group workshops are for smaller groups and are more hands on, while seminars are for larger groups.

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About Us

Scientific Rigor with a Personal Touch

Dr. Ellen Clarke, PhD

Chief Scientist

Dr. Ellen Clarke has been involved in cutting-edge scientific research on brain training, cognitive intervention, and performance enhancement techniques for many years. This work has been funded by highly regarded scientific agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She authors regular articles on gaining and maintaining an optimal brain at any age.

Dr. Clarke received her PhD in Human Factors and Applied Cognition from George Mason University, and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. Her graduate research focused on combining psychology with neurotechnology, particularly molecular genetics and electroencephalography (EEG), to understand and improve cognitive function.

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