How Fit Is Your Brain?
Our scientifically-backed brain training programs are designed for businesses that want provide activities to older adults that are most likely to have significant and meaningful positive impacts.

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Brain Fitness 101

These four elements that may boost brain power aren’t a secret. Our products bring these elements to life in a way that is designed for healthy older adults and will easily fit into existing program infrastructure.


Physical exercise keeps a body fit, and a mind, too! A small amount may boost brain power.


The mental challenge of brain games are great, but be sure to look for ones that will specifically target older adult challenge and goal areas.


Stress can have serious negative effects on brain health. Seek out inner zen with techniques to reduce stress. Mindfulness training is a great and easy way to start.


Engaging with other people gives a brain a chance to react to new situations and topics. Help older adults engage with friends and family.

Why Us?

Our brain fitness program is designed by experts and helps translate and optimize scientific research into a SaaS platform.

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The ideal brain fitness plans incorporate all four of these elements. We only recommend elements that have substantial support in the scientific literature.


Do you want to offer your older adult clients a product that addresses their biggest fear – brain health?

We can help!

Brain Evolved has four modules and multiple ways to serve your population, from one-time trials to annual programs.

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Program Approach

Brain Evolved’s program is designed to help business address one of the biggest needs of their healthy older adult clientele: brain fitness. We offer assessment, element, or full package options. Contact us directly to learn more about our products, or schedule a consultation to determine how we can best meet your needs.

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Press & Research

Select Scientific Publications

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Looking for a Speaker?

Drs. Ellen Clarke and Camilla Knott are available for commentary on Brain Evolved products and brain fitness and cognitive interventions for older adults.

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About Us

Scientific Rigor with an Engaging Touch

Dr. Ellen Clarke, PhD


Dr. Clarke earned her PhD in Human Factors from George Mason University in 2012, where she led pioneering research studies on the effectiveness of cognitive training games. Upon graduation, she worked as a consultant for a variety of respected institutions, including Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Naval Research Lab (NRL), and Blue Cross Blue Shield. She formed Brain Evolved in 2016 to better address the needs of the older adult public.

Dr. Camilla Knott, PhD

Dr. Knott joined Brain Evolved in 2018 to support development of our product platform. She earned her PhD in Human Factors from Catholic University.

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